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Individual and contextual determinants in cross-cleavage relationships

TitleIndividual and contextual determinants in cross-cleavage relationships
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsGoldberg, Andreas C.
Conference Name2nd European Conference on Comparative Electoral Research
Keywordscleavage, multilevel analysis, voting behaviour

In electoral research the main focus lies on the individual effect a certain characteristic
or issue has on the voting behaviour. Studies analyzing social cleavages are no exception
to this. Sometimes these studies conclude that certain characteristics play a less important
role in a specific social context, but mostly the latter is based on individual factors or not
operationalized at all. The purpose of this paper is to examine the coexisting effect or
dependency of individual and contextual effects out of two different cleavages. Regarding
the religious and social class cleavage, data from the 2011 Selects study is used to tackle
the existence of this cross-level cross-cleavage relationship in Switzerland. The statistical
results can partly prove such relationships. However, contrary to the expectations, the
cross-cleavage links work not only in terms of the strengthening/weakening of individual
effects, but sometimes the context rather influences the direction of individual effects.

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