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The economy and the vote: the economy as context

TitleThe economy and the vote: the economy as context
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of PublicationSubmitted
AuthorsMagalhães, Pedro C., and Eva H. Önnudottir
Conference Name3rd European Conference on Comparative Electoral Research

The goal of our paper is to discuss how economic conditions work as relevant sources of contextual variation in the determinants of vote choices and turnout. Rather than focusing on how economic conditions, objective or perceived, national or personal, past or expected, affect directly the decision of whether to vote and for whom, our interest is to determine the extent to which economic conditions moderate the relationship between those dependent variables of interest and some of the well-established factors that are supposed to influence vote choices and turnout. In particular, we discuss the role of economic development, economic inequality and economic performance in shaping the influence of socio-economic features of voters, partisan identification, left-right ideology, and leader and competence evaluations.

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