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History Group

WG1: The History of European Electoral Research (History Group)
Group Leaders: Hans-Dieter Klingemann (DE),Radoslaw Markowski(PL),José Ramón Montero (ES)

The main tasks of this Working Group is to identify and review the different traditions of electoral research in the participating COST countries and promote a common understanding of national research strategies and findings. The Group explores the communalities and differences of electoral research between the COST countries. A scholarly book on the “History of electoral research in Europe” is produced.

The objectives of Working Group 1 are:

1. to review the history of European electoral research in the following key areas: a) the main topics that have been addressed and the main research questions have been asked; b) the methods that have been applied both in terms of data collection and data analysis; and c) the main findings that are reported;
2. to inform about the organisation and funding of electoral research, and the availability of data holdings, for each participating country;
3. to produce a bibliography of major publications, for each participating country.

List of members of the History Working Group