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Data Group

Group Leaders: Hermann Schmitt and Paolo Segatti

WG2: Creating "The European Voter Database" (Data Group).

This Working Group produces a common data set which includes the findings of the National Election Studies from all the participating at the Action countries. Main aim is the building of an inventory of comparable indicators across countries and over time. Another task of this Group is the collection of macro-data and its integration in the micro-data level database.

An innovative aspect is the establishment of the Action Think Tank within this Group. It serves as an instrument for getting together the national members of the data integration team consisting mainly of young scholars -- plus a few of the more experienced scientists involved in the Action which will be needed to guide their work in the period when the actual data integration work needs to be done. National reports and trendfiles, the integrated file merging micro and macro data, the codebook and a scholarly book on Creating “The European Voter Database” are produced.

The objectives of WG2:

1. Construction of a micro-level database which integrates the datasets of 17 country-specific National Election Studies conducted over the past 50 years
2. Collection of macro-data for 17 countries over 50 years and their integration in the micro-data base.

List of members of the Data Working Group